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Company News About How to Creat a RJ45 Maghack with LEDs and transformer built inside?
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How to Creat a RJ45 Maghack with LEDs and transformer built inside?

Latest company news about How to Creat a RJ45 Maghack with LEDs and transformer built inside?

We are using Ethernet every day, whether by RJ45 cable or WIFI. Do you guys ever think about how to manufacture a Shielded RJ45 Jack with Magnetic built inside and LEDs? Well, let me take you on the tour.

Step 1. Manufacturing the metal shielding. It's usually made of copper or Iron. Different dimensions, with or without EMI finger. Usually, the factory has tooling to do that job. What we need to know is that copper is better than Iron, except the cost is a bit higher.

Step 2. Manufacturing the plastic part, most of which is black. It also uses tooling with injection craft to finish the job.

Step 3. Creating the magnetic, it is a coil with many different turns of wires. Then solder it on the PCB board, which will be inserted into the plastic part later. This is also the most labor costed craftwork.

Step 4. Choose suitable LED, popular LEDs have Green color, Yellow colors. As we know LED has two different lengths of legs, the longer one is the positive side, and the shorter one is the negative side. But in the RJ45 jack, LED has the same length legs, hence we need cut legs and bend them. Shareway uses auto machines to do it, which could get better performance on the cutting and bending, also save human powers.

Step 5. Assembly all the parts. In this step, we will insert the PCB with coils into the plastic modular, then use epoxy to fix them. Assembly the LEDs, then cover them with the metal shield.

Step 6. Testing and Marking. Put the RJ45 Jack on the tray and test the function by hand or by machines. The NG part will be picked out for checking and fixing. The passed part will be sent to put marking.


Step 7. Packing and putting on the label. Good packing is something very important, it could protect the products during the shipping way. Shareway has extra testing of the packing, just to make sure customers will get the goods in good condition. We will put the label on the carton box.


About us: Shareway Technology is a leading manufacturer of Magnetic passive components, including RJ45 Magjack, SMD & Thorugh hole Chokes, SMD Power Inductors, and Power Transformers. We are also offering sourcing services for hard-to-find parts. For more information, you are welcome to text me or visit our site at and